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Wednesday, September 13 2023



It all started with dirty underwear. No, really. 

In the summer of 2011, Delen was completing an internship at the San Diego Botanic Garden, where she was living in a small house on the property. Meanwhile, Sidney was renting an even smaller pool house just minutes away. Was it fate or lack of laundry machines that led them both to the Launderland one sunny afternoon? It's impossible to say. 

Two weeks of whirlwind romance ensued, before Delen had to return to Arizona for her final semester of college. They continued a long-distance relationship until her graduation, when Sid helped to secure her a position managing a nursery in San Diego. They moved into a house together, adopted a cat, and the rest is history.

Our Story




Wednesday, September 13th

5 o'clock in the afternoon

Dinner and dancing to follow


Loloma Lodge

56687 McKenzie Highway

McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413



Tuesday, Sept 12th

4PM : Loloma Lodge Guest Check In

5PM : Rehearsal

6PM : Rehearsal Dinner

American fare from McKenzie General Store - all welcome!

Wednesday, Sept 13th

8AM to 10PM : Breakfast

Continental style - bagels, lox, cream cheese, granola, yogurt, bananas, coffee, mimosas!

12PM : Lunch

5PM : Ceremony

Charcuterie - salami, cheese, fruit, crackers

5:30PM : Cocktail Hour

6:00PM : Dinner

7PM to 10PM : Revelry!

Thursday, Sept 14th

8AM to 10AM : Breakfast

11AM : Loloma Lodge Guest Check Out


Getting There



Travelling by car, Loloma Lodge is approximately: ​​

  • 2.5 hours from Portland

  • 2 hours from Salem

  • 1.5 hours from Bend

  • 1 hour from Eugene 

Guests may fly in to the following airports: 

  • Redmond Municipal Airport

  • Portland International Airport


If accommodations have not been pre-arranged for you, we recommend the following: ​​



Can I bring a guest? 

Because of the nature of our wedding and venue, our guest count is limited.  When RSVPing you will be able to see how many guests we are expecting in your party. 

What about children? 

See above. If bringing your children means you would be able to attend when you otherwise would not, please let us know. But do note that our ability to accommodate additional guests - of any age - is limited. 

Okay, but what about pets? 

We ask that guests please leave their pets at home. We feel your pain - we wish our cats could be celebrating with us, too! But trust us, it's better this way.

What should I wear?

The dress code is dressy casual. Ceremony and reception will be outdoors: comfortable shoes and a sweater or light jacket for the evening are encouraged. Our wedding is 70s-inspired so feel free to dust off any vintage bellbottoms or velvet blazers you have lying around!

Where are you registered?

Having shared our lives for over a decade now, we don't need any more stuff! Your willingness to join us for this special day is gift enough. We will have a card box at our reception if you'd like to share well-wishes or kombucha coupons. :) 


Get in the mood with our pre-wedding playlist!

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